It was in Quinta de Penso, Vila Nova de Famalicão, that José Oliveira (JO)), father of the current owners, planted vineyards giving rise to the wine. It lies within the Vale do Ave, between V. N. Famalicão and Santo Tirso, very close to the house of Camilo Castelo Branco.
When he purchased this property, in 1959, José Oliveira immediately began taking interest in the existing vines and planting new ones. Knowing that the quality of the wines here produced were excellent.
For many years, wine production were for private use and sales of grapes to the Cooperative. Later, in 2003, J.O. Agrícola, Sociedade Unipessoal, Lda, begin its activity and is in charge of the holding of 12 hectares of vineyards at Quinta de Penso, Ávidos, the sub-region Ave, demarcated region of Vinho Verde.
At Quinta de Penso, are planted the most noble grape varieties of the green wines region. In white caste arises Loureiro with 50% of planted area, than the Trajadura with 30%, Alvarinho with 10% and Fernão Pires also with 10% of planted area width white caste. In red caste we have Vinhão with 95% and Padeiro with 5% of planted area with red caste. The rootstock used is 196/17 due to its good adaptation to sandy-loam soil of granite origin on the farm. In the recent years the vineyard was reconverted to from its tradicional systems of conduction like the cruzeta, to modern systems of conduction in simple strings in ascending hedge.
The grapes are produced in Integrated Production mode, with full respect for the environment.
The grapes are harvested naturally,sent in boxes to the winery Quinta do Penso and from them are produced rede and white wines. The winemaking of white wine is made by the open spout method with maceration and fermentation in stainless steel vats with temperatures control. Red wine is fermented in traditional granite vats with daily steps, followed by tapping and pressing. The stabilization of the wine is made using the cold. The entire winemaking process, stabilization and bottling of the wines are made using existing equipment in the cellar of the farm.
The JO Vinho Verde white is characterized by its floral aromas with some tropical fruit, good freshness caused by a moderate acidity and perfect balance with the level of alcohol. This wine is smooth due to the small residual sugar content resulting from the incomplete alcohol fermentation.
The JO Vinho Verde red is produced with 95% of the red grapes casteof Vinhão and is characterized by an intense red violet aroma of red fruits. In the mouth it has a moderate acidity balanced with the alcohol content, are noticeable tannins, a wine is full bodied and persistent.
Our wine for the higher sales segment is the JO Vinho Verde white Grande Escolha, this wine comes from the selection of the best Alvarinho caste grapes married with a small percentage of the Loureiro grape, which were also chosen in full detail. This wine has a finest, dry smooth aroma, with good freshness despite its very moderate acidity, full bodied due to the high alcohol content of 13,5%, which gives rise to a wine with excellent volume int the mouth.

The Vinho Verde is one of the most beautiful natural drinks and a unique product in the world. And, like JO always bet on Excellence, combining the Tradition to Modernity of the gree wines.